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To begin with, I’d like to welcome you and tell a bit about myself.

My name is Yann Braga, a software developer based in Brazil. I’m a lover of art and music that ended up in the world of computer science… Since the day I joined it(day one at university) I’ve been exploring its potential and have worked hard to build knowledge on pretty much everything in order to keep myself updated with the latest tech. I have been working with software development for about five years and went through most layers of development, acquiring knowledge in back-end, front-end, databases and also on project management.

I also am a lover of sharing knowledge, which was the main reason that led me to create this website.

Currently my main focus has been on Ionic 2 and Firebase, which I’ve working on since they were on beta. This means you’ll see me talking about them a lot here.  I’ll be frequently(hopefully) sharing nice content here about what I’ve been learning and side projects too.

You can check my work on my github page, and if you want, feel free to reach me on the contact section of this website.

I hope to see you later!



Web and mobile developer. Occasionally do some origami on spare time :)