Ionic custom components and templates

Hey everyone!

Today I’d like to share with you a project I have been working on the past few months. It’s a github repository that includes many Ionic components and template samples, such as…

  • Login page templates
  • User profile templates
  • Charts
  • Custom popup menus
  • Custom modals
  • Chat messages
  • Dynamic app theming
  • Ionic native samples
  • Custom pipes
  • Custom providers for alert, camera, etc
  • Much more

Take a quick peek:

The main goal is to help people with the most common stuff they want to achieve in their own app. Every time I see many people asking for the same thing in the community, I make sure to create a sample with that. It’s been incredible that some people have been contributing to the repo, thus making it even better. It’s all very experimental, so there might be a few issues here and there, and feedback is really important in order to improve it constantly.

I am currently working on a major update on the repo with a version update and modules for all pages and lazyloading.

Feel free to use the samples in your own projects and also to contribute! If you have any request for the repo, open an issue here.
I would love to see PRs and issues being open 🙂

You can check a live demo here and the repository here.

Of course, a really special thanks for the the contributors so far: Damodar Lohani, Fernando del Olmo, Daniel Sogl, Javier, and Miguel!

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