The day I became a Jedi

The day I became a Jedi

On May 4th, Ionic invited developers to participate in a remote hackathon called Become an Ionic Jedi Hackster, of which the devs had 48 hours to create a Star Wars themed app using the latest Ionic and the Ionic CLI v3.

Of course I participated, and came up with Star Warnic, an application that gathered info, trailers and curiosities about star war movies. I was lucky enough to have won it! I was even invited to be a guest user on Ionic blog!! Ionic was always inspiring to me but this moment was the most incredible highlight of all times, which I’ll never forget. Check out the article which I wrote about how I developed it for the hackathon here!

What I found incredible was that in one of the pages of the app there’s a map, and it registers people and which side of the force they are. A few days after the post went on look at what we’ve got:

It was fantastic to see this many people accessing it, plus how distributed in the world the users were! Ionic team, you should invest more in Europe, people there love you!!

If you want to try the app out, click on this nice logo(made by Camila, my amazing girlfriend):

Apart from the awesomeness of being recognized by even the founders of Ionic, they also send me incredible prizes!

Now I have the whole set of SWAG of Ionic shop hahah

But what I was most excited about… was that they sent me a freaking lightsaber!! Beautifully crafted with the correct proportions, sounds and all!!!

Here’s a video of it in action:

Anyhow, just wanted to share how awesome this was.

Huge thanks to the Ionic team, being incredible as always!


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